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It’s no secret that technology boosts efficiency, and that’s exactly what our system was designed to accomplish. Eliminate the inefficiency of manual scheduling by integrating all tasks in our web-based portal.

Our advanced scheduling tools allow your staff to focus less on administrative tasks and more on patient care – leading to increased patient satisfaction, administrative efficiency, and lower labor costs.

KanTime Features

KanTime Features

Eligibility Dashboard

The client eligibility dashboard is an interactive tool that helps answer questions regarding eligibility history and requirements while adapting to shifts in Medicaid and Medicare policies. The dashboard shows eligibility files returned as differed/changed, lost, gained, or not verified/checked.


Robust role-based user logins. The rights management feature enables you to specify the information each user can view and the tasks they can perform.


Very intuitive and easy to use with online help.


Allows you to work from anywhere, anytime with unbelievable control over your business. The software is available 24×7; hence you have real-time data about your caregiver’s activity & billing.


Extensive set-up capabilities enable companies to personalize the system to fit their business.

Streamlined Productivity

Predefined processes ensure that users follow company protocols, follow required steps, and adhere to industry compliance.


Users can choose from a broad range of predefined reports to meet regulatory and business requirements, and also export reports to Adobe PDF, Microsoft Excel, and Quick Books.

Improve Compliance

KanTime ensures your agency adheres to all rules and regulations, helping you pass audits with flying colors and collecting the right patient information.

KanTime Additional Features

Healthcare HR Services

With KanTime, agencies can leverage a single platform, embedded within the EMR for all healthcare HR services – allowing organizations to effectively empower employees, support the delivery of optimal patient care, and achieve financial, regulatory, and clinical goals.

Our intelligent HR solutions help agencies ensure that all scheduled caregivers are fully qualified to be the best fit for your patient’s individual care requirements. Make decisions in real-time while reaching your goal of providing high-quality care by eliminating disparate data silos.   

Kantime+ Healthcare Business Intelligence

Trust your instinct but verify your decision with KanTime’s healthcare business intelligence. Our data science tool empowers home care and hospice agencies to make more informed decisions with the help of business and operational analytics.

Users can aggregate their agency’s data in a variety of ways and sort through it using customizable filters including location, time, payer, and more. Operational analytics provides a scorecard that allows you to quickly assess the performance of any department as well as crucial KPIs that ultimately affect your bottom line.

Interdisciplinary Team Management

An efficient and effective IDT process is essential for hospice agencies. KanTime’s interdisciplinary team management solution ensures your care teams can provide and document the required oversight for your patients’ care plans while still having time to participate in patient care.

Many hospice agencies spend hours if not days prepping their IDT notes for review, resulting in staff focusing solely on IDT preparation and documentation. KanTime’s configurable automation can eliminate IDT prep work and free your staff to focus on other key tasks within your agency.

Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding are the backbone of healthcare financials. Ensure you are reimbursed for the services you deliver by streamlining your agency’s revenue cycle with advanced medical billing software.

KanTime provides all the tools your agency needs to gain a comprehensive overview of your complete billing and coding processes. From clinician-specific payroll options to advanced widgets and workflows, optimize every aspect of your financials with secure medical billing software.

Physician Order Tracking

Effectively order, deliver, and track a physician order all within a centralized system. KanTime streamlines the communication of your orders and adds intelligence to the tracking process.

KanTime’s EHR software lets your track any physician order by provider, date, department, and more – saving valuable staff time while maximizing accuracy. The system ensures your agency is meeting compliance requirements and reminds clinicians when patients are due for specific services.

Clinical Point of Care

Enable and empower your clinicians through intuitive point-of-care documentation solutions. KanTime supports healthcare professionals in their daily activities of monitoring, caring, and documenting patient progress.

Expedite the flow of patient care, optimize daily workflows, and reduce wait times throughout the healthcare process. Our advanced point-of-care documentation technologies transform the way information gets shared while creating efficiencies that positively ripple throughout your entire agency.

Home Health Scheduling Software

Reduce communication and errors by streamlining scheduling with our advanced home health scheduling software. Our advanced scheduling portal ensures safer care for patients while decreasing liability associated with miscommunication.

Medical Eligibility Verification

Easily identify claim issues before the work gets done. Our comprehensive medical eligibility verification check tools automate manual processes, improve workflows, and ensures your agency gets paid for the work they perform.

With KanTime, agencies can eliminate the tedious processes of medical eligibility verification. Batch-check patient insurance eligibility before appointments while gaining visibility into the entire eligibility process – all within a unified, web-based system.

Electronic Visit Verification

Provide better, quality care while meeting your state’s specific EVV regulations. KanTime’s system provides a complete end-to-end solution with various methods to seamlessly capture Electronic Visit Verification data and compliant data transmission based on your state’s requirements.

The 21st Century Cures Act (2016 Cures Act) requires home health agencies to implement an Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) for all state Medicaid-funded in-home services. While technology adoption is easily manageable, policy adherence is often complicated, confusing, and disrupts workflows.

KanTime’s system offers assistance to better record patient care and eases the process of understanding, transitioning, and rolling out required EVV initiatives. Whether your agency is faced with a single integration point for Medicaid-funded services or multiple due to having a multi-vendor state or operations across state lines, KanTime ensures EVV data transmission assists in clinical guideline compliance, and optimizes operational workflows.

KanTime Mobile App

The KanTime Mobile app allows clinicians to keep track of their Patients and Schedules. The app is specially designed for caregivers to check check-in and check out for a schedule, right under their fingertips over compact mobile devices.

It does not matter whether you are connected to the internet or not…, you can do all in offline mode, and at a later point you can sync all your data back to KanTime Live when an internet connection is available.

Download The KanTime Mobile app

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